Riddell Revolution Speed - Helmet Purchase Program

Riddell Revolution Speed - Helmet Purchase Program

from 370.00

Players must be fitted by Coach Maxwell before ordering.


About the program

The most important piece of gear your player will wear is his helmet. While the WHS Football program maintains quality helmets in its inventory, the "Helmet Purchase/Donation Program" offers families the option to make a donation toward the purchase of a brand new, state of the art helmet to be used exclusively by their player during his high school career.

How it works

  1. The family makes a donation to the Falcon Gridiron Club for the cost of the helmet. Donations may be tax deductible and eligible for matching funds.

  2. The school purchases the helmet on behalf of the player and includes it in the school's inventory.

  3. The player effectively "leases" the helmet throughout his high school career. He will be the ONLY user of that helmet.

  4. The helmet will be maintained, refurbished and recertified each year along with the other team helmets.

  5. After the player's final season, the helmet will remain in the team inventory for future players.

About the helmets

The Riddell Revolution Speed and Riddell SpeedFlex helmets both received 5 stars in the Virginia Tech Helmet Study and are considered advanced helmets. Riddell provides the best in football.